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How to fight & beat your speeding ticket
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How To Fight Your Nevada Speeding Ticket  

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If you've got a Nevada speeding ticket you have two choices: pay the fine, or fight the ticket. After reading Case Dismissed, you can be sure I'll fight from now on. The costs of a ticket are considerable. Of course, there is the initial fine. But when you add in insurance surcharges over the next couple of years, and the points on your license, the final cost of a ticket is considerable.

Case Dismissed is a 50 page eBook in pdf format that gives you practical strategies to fighting your ticket in court. It provides information for people caught speeding by radar, laser, airplane and pace car.

The premise behind Case Dismissed is interesting: attack the evidence, not the police officer. This has the benefit of being far easier to manage in court when you will likely be fairly nervous. Case Dismissed outlines what questions to ask, and provides the likely answers so you wonít be surprised.

There is surprisingly little you have to know, and Case Dismissed lays it out in an organized, logical fashion. The book states that you can print out the notes and questions, and bring them with you to read from them. So you donít need to memorize anything.

After reading Case Dismissed, I feel quite prepared to fight any speeding ticket and quite confident I will win. And in case I donít, the book comes with a money-back guarantee.

There is also a free download by the same author called: BUSTED: Tips to Avoid and Fight Your Speeding Ticket. This 25 pager is loaded with advice on avoiding speed traps, and what to say and how to act if you get pulled over to minimize your chances of getting a ticket. It also outlines many excuses that people have heard, but that do not generally work. You donít want to rely on these!

Overall, I can recommend Case Dismissed, especially if you have a speeding ticket or a lead foot. And anyone who exceeds the speed limit should get a free copy of BUSTED for the information it contains.

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